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Mundaka has in its environs towns so known as Bermeo(2Km) or Gernika (11 Kms) in addition to places worthy to visit like the caves of Santimamiñe or the animated Forest of Ibarrola (valley of Oma).

 BILBAO it is situated 40 Km from Mundaka.The most highly populated of the Basque metropolis, economic capital of the country, artistic reference thanks to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao... Reborn Bilbao has what it takes to go out and get what it wants.


OMA FOREST the eyes, faces and human shapes painted in bright colours onthe trees of Oma forest, where Agustin Ibarrola has succeded in achieving a skilful combination of art and nature.To close of the forest are the paintings that have spent 12.000 years in the Santimamiñe cave.

GERNIKA 12Km away. You can go by train or by bus.Basque freedom birthplace, milenial tree, casa de Juntas, Euskal Herria museum, Europa Park, sculptures made by Henry More and Txillida, Saint Mary´s church and more.

 BERMEO You can arrive here walking by seaside for 2 Km. Train and avaiable.Is the typical fishing village.Strolling round its lively Puerto Viejo, we will come to the Mediaval Ercilla Tower, which now harbours the Museum of fisher.
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